Building with Science and Creativity for 100% custom results.

WINTER OPEN HOUSE HOURS NOTICE:  Due to the high activity of winter weather we are experiencing this season, we may be operating on a modified Open House schedule with very short notice.  We ask that you call us to ensure we are open, or so that we can be sure to be at HoudenHAL to greet you.  Phone: 610.366.0910.  Thank you!

At Ruhmel Contracting we deliver the one thing that translates to all people – value.  Value transcends demographics.  Value is driven by the design of a project, the logistics in carrying it out and continues on through the years with our clients.

We see value though our client’s eyes.  By infusing your vision with our knowledge of Building Science and award winning design, we make every project THE project.

A few of the tools we utilize to enhance your customer experience are:

Building with In-Site: the web based interface that organizes selections and documentation to make the process easier and cut back on paper use

Energy with merit: By pursuing Energy Star ratings on all new homes, and having three NAHB Certified Green Professionals and one BPI Building Analyst on staff – we take the impact of Building Science seriously.

Design through The Design Studio at HoudenHAL:  This strategic partner offers the most diverse product line of eco-friendly products available in the Lehigh Valley.  Being in-house makes it a snap for clients to make many of their selections in one convenient location.

Come see it all in practice at HoudenHAL and we’ll help you find the balance others can’t.