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I love cookies

Sep 08 Filed under: Information

Building is to Art


Cookies are to ________

Leaks and Cracks and Holes...oh dear

Dec 22 Filed under: Information

Air Sealing can deliver financial advantages as well as make everyone in your house more comfortable


Dec 19 Filed under: Information

Pushing our standard ahead:

The wall assembly is a key element to a well built home. Open Cell spray foam insulation is one item that makes our standards a higher standard.

Green Builder Magazine - Homeowner's Handbook (a repost of sorts)

Dec 16 Filed under: Information

If you want cheap, you‚??ll get cheap; if you want quality you won‚??t get cheap you‚??ll get value.

Green Building, Green whatever

Dec 16 Filed under: Information

How is it that all of these industries were able to so quickly adapt to the ever growing concern over the Earth‚??s welfare? Quite simply they didn‚??t.

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