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Leaks and Cracks and Holes...oh dear

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Recently The Morning Call, one of the Lehigh Valley’s local newspapers, ran a story about the advantages of sealing air leaks and how doing so can save money on your utility bills. I found the article very well versed for homeowners as a starting point to explore the things in you home that can cost you money without being overtly recognizable.

When performing Energy Audits for customers I utilize Blower Door to depressurize the house which amplifies areas that are leaking to unconditioned space. Coupled with Infrared technology (image) the homeowner and I can get a clear visual picture of where the leaking is manifesting in the house and where the actual area for the infiltration is (they are not always the same thing).

If you are unhappy with your utility bills I suggest you look into an energy audit – preferably one that is done by a BPI Certified Analyst and follows the BPI Standards. Some utility companies off incentives, rebates and the like; and there is also special financing available for significant energy upgrades available from various institutions. If you’d like to discuss with us please call. if not, Google up some of the key words in this post and you’ll be flooded with tons of great information.

Cheers to a prosperous new year.