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Shopping with Technology

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Many people have become accustomed to seeing crazy looking rectangles with geometric patters adorning their favorite magazine advertising.  By simply scanning that code with your smart phone you can instantly be transported to a website, video or contact information – making it even faster to get to the heart of the information your looking for.

We are in the process of putting Microsoft TAG QR codes on many of the things in HoudenHAL and products being offered through the The Design Studio at HoudenHAL.  While the TAG can be read with almost any QR reader, the TAG app has a very cool and unique feature that creates a browsing history – like your normal internet browser.

This will allow our customers to create personalized “brochures” on the things that really catch their attention and have the ability to go back and review when they really have time.

Microsoft got this one right folks.  Get the app here and start enjoying the HoudenHAL experience even more.