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The Design Studio at HoudenHAL

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Last weekend we went headlong into the LVBA Spring Home Showonce again. This year brought something totallynew to the conversation on our end with the inaugural year of The Design Studioat HoudenHAL putting together its first trade show booth. The effort  was well rewarded with a heavy stream ofpeople lured in by the floating cork floors that were installed and someproducts on display that some people had never actually seen in person.

Through the conversations I had, the cork seemed to garner the largestinterest, but the fact that you can now use items like Marmoleum and CarpetTiles in your home where they were once only really suited for commercial usereally got some folks thinking. Byinvesting in more durable products they can get a substantially longer life outof the items in their homes.

Eventhought the shows done you can still see everything at HoudenHAL.   Here is a short highlight of The DesignStudio booth.