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New Home Kitchen - Award Winner

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Placed as the jewel in a million dollar Green model home, it can become so inspiring to our visitors that they just park themselves in the space and keep exploring.  The really amazing thing is that it’s not because it is gigantic (at a relatively modest size of 15’x16’ for the main space due to plan restrictions) – it is because it utilizes material and the available space beyond what anyone really would think possible.

One of the primary things that enables this space to be so broadly appealing is a transitional style which is smooth blend of Modern, Craftsman and Traditional styles resulting in a look that has a trendy feeling, but is quite timeless.  The materials that were utilized are both familiar to the sense and foreign in application.  Bamboo cabinetry, stainless hardware and crown molding, mixed countertop and sink materials blend together flawlessly.

Two of its most remarkable features came from very specific problems to overcome.

The first was the fact that the layout put the informal dining in the middle of the house, right between the Kitchen and Family Room, and right at the bottom of the stairs.  A curved bamboo banquette was designed that created ample seating for a family of four and turned what would have been an uncomfortable table arrangement into an artistic centerpiece.

The second was a large glue-lam that sat square in the ceiling space where the vent hood had to be.  An amazing design alteration that married perfectly into the crown setup was devised, and even continued the curved feeling of the vent hood, banquette and even the floors.

Being a Green model (LEED Certified to be specific) the products that went into the space were as important as the look.  As noted all the cabinetry was made from solid bamboo.  The main countertops are Ice Stone which is concrete mixed with glass that is fabricated in the ship yards of New York.  The island countertops keep in the recycling theme by utilizing Paperstone which is made from newspapers (people really geek on these).  The floors mix Cork and Bamboo in a fluid way that is completely unlike anything you’ve seen before and the trim is all FSC Certified.

As in any kitchen the Appliances add the function to the form and this kitchen is second to none.  Using the guiding principles of Performance, Energy Efficiency and Space Conservation, a host of the finest manufacturer’s products were deployed so that a high school student or professional chef would have exactly what they needed.