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New Home Kitchen - Award Winner

May 09 Filed under: Accolades

Everyone loves a kitchen, but not everyone loves the same kitchen‚?¶until now

Specialty Project - Award Winner

May 09 Filed under: Accolades

Style, Strength and Skill at its best.

Exterior Remodeling - Award Winner

May 09 Filed under: Accolades

When old becomes new, we all win

homelab of HoudenHAL

Oct 01 Filed under: Accolades

Where ideas come to be realized

I love cookies

Sep 08 Filed under: Information

Building is to Art


Cookies are to ________

American Cedar Homes

Apr 05 Filed under: Press Releases

American Cedar Homes is the latest addition to the Ruhmel Family of Businesses offering the world class Lindal Cedar Homes

The Design Studio at HoudenHAL

Apr 04 Filed under: Events

The Design Studio had some really unique things at the LVBA Spring Home Show

Shopping with Technology

Mar 22 Filed under: News

Many of the items in HoudenHAL and The Design Studio are outfitted with the Microsoft TAG. Download the app to maximize your experience.

IBS 2012

Feb 15 Filed under: News

Hersh and Robin ventured to Orlando this year to find out what the industry leaders are doing, saying and thinking. This is just a teaser to a series of video blogs we’ll be posting soon to show what we found.

GreenBuilder Magazine's Hot 50

Feb 06 Filed under: News

GreenBulder Magazine annually produces their Hot List of green products for the home. Several of these products, or their competitive counterparts, are in place and on display at HoudenHAL

Design in Energy Efficiency

Jan 30 Filed under: News

Harmony in Form and Function

Leaks and Cracks and Holes...oh dear

Dec 22 Filed under: Information

Air Sealing can deliver financial advantages as well as make everyone in your house more comfortable


Dec 19 Filed under: Information

Pushing our standard ahead:

The wall assembly is a key element to a well built home. Open Cell spray foam insulation is one item that makes our standards a higher standard.

Green Builder Magazine - Homeowner's Handbook (a repost of sorts)

Dec 16 Filed under: Information

If you want cheap, you‚??ll get cheap; if you want quality you won‚??t get cheap you‚??ll get value.

Green Building, Green whatever

Dec 16 Filed under: Information

How is it that all of these industries were able to so quickly adapt to the ever growing concern over the Earth‚??s welfare? Quite simply they didn‚??t.

Haiti Note

Dec 16 Filed under: News

While many efforts are being made to help the Haitian people it was overwhelming to see the work that still has to be done.

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