The Power of a Green Workplace for SMBs.

Ruhmel Contracting specializes in designing and constructing commercial buildings for SMB’s.Today’s world has expanded those efforts to include green workplaces for small to medium-sized businesses.

What are the true benefits of a green workplace?

  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Sustainable Spaces
  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • Tax Incentives

Ruhmel’s commercial building philosophy is simple: Every business stands alone. Just because you are part of a specific industry, doesn’t mean you have built your business like your competitors. Hence, “your building” must incorporate your signature products/services and house the specific needs and working habits of your company’s executives,specialists and workers. Ruhmel Commercial properties don’t just standout, they stand alone—meshing together substance, standards and industry specific innovation.

Another benefit?  Ruhmel makes the commercial building process as easy as possible. For example:

Ruhmel’s In-Site commercial planning system that makes it easy to understand,follow, and comment on every building step and phase. Learn more about the In-Site commercial system.