Rocket Science That Works Like Magic

The foundation of a Ruhmel home building is building science. We won’t bore you with the rocket science definitions and theories. But in layman’s terms, Ruhmel combines physics and sustainability best practices to design and construct homes that are naturally healthier, more durable, more sustainable and much more economical to operate than most other home construction.

Teaming together THE strictest industry standards and with THE most innovative technologies in green construction today—a Ruhmel home—your future home—will be healthier (you can sniffle and sneeze less often), more comfortable (feel warmer and cooler), more sustainable (lasts longer)and more ecologically responsible. What’s more, your home can naturally embrace solar, wind, rain and soil energy and make the most of 360degree views.

The real beauty of embracing Building Science is that you can give (to the planet) and receive (health and wealth benefits) simultaneously. Call Ruhmel now to start formulating your sustainability plan. After all, Building Science done right, does work like magic.