Ready to Hear the Truth?

Ready for the home truth and nothing but the truth about your home’s energy inefficiencies?

A Ruhmel Assessment reveals energy waste and visually maps out ways to reduce energy consumption in your home or business today.

The Ruhmel team utilizes the latest BPI energy audit & infrared technology to provide a detailed house operation assessment—including the most notorious energy bad boy—leaks. The Infrared Level Based Audit will also detect and reveal water leaks, plumbing leaks in walls and termite infestation.

The Ruhmel team—with the help of computer simulation software—will establish a hot/cold energy map model of your home. From there, the actions and paybacks are quantifiable. Ruhmel will provide you with a wide-range of green solutions that will fit your short and long term needs and dreams, while taking full advantage of all tax and rebate incentives.

Ruhmel Audits range in price from$300-$1,000. See how you can reduce your energy bill or even strive to be a zero energy homeowner. Call 610-366-0910 to set up an appointment today.